College Education Is Beneficial For Everyone And Should Become An Affordable Option

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College education is beneficial for everyone and should become an affordable option. Not only does a college degree expand opportunities for jobs for most people, colleges’ liberal arts education is desirable to achieve an open-minded, educated populace. However, since colleges are expensive and often lead to debts, people are either being driven away by high tuition costs or being eaten up by the student loan system. It is a common goal for most people to make college more affordable. To achieve this goal, Bernie Sanders has proposed taxing the wealthy “one percent” of people to make more room in the budget for higher education. Although I agree with Sanders’ ideal of accessible college education, I do not think that taxing the one percent is an efficient or workable way to achieve that goal. I believe that the increase in tuition costs has more nuance than that just the government is not spending enough because the wealthy are hoarding all the money.

First, I would like to review why college education should be free or affordable in the first place. The first reason is that employers usually look for people with a college degree. The job market has become very competitive and people with only high school degrees are not getting hired to jobs they might have been hired to in the 70s for example. So in this case, college is a welfare choice. Expanding higher education availability is good for the general population. Furthermore, universities generally include liberal arts…

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