College Drinking Games And Binge Drinking Essay

1401 Words Jan 21st, 2016 6 Pages
Kristina Austin
HEALTH 101.900(1138)
20 January 2016
College Drinking Games and Binge Drinking and the Adverse Effects
College drinking games and binge drinking has become increasingly popular throughout the years. I believe college drinking games and binge drinking are directly associated with injury, blacking out, and sexual assault. I chose this topic because drinking games and binge drinking is very common among undergraduate college students. My research is intended to inform students and young adults about the side effects of drinking games and binge drinking and how to promote safer drinking practices.
A drinking game is defined as any game played while consuming alcohol that is intended for the player to get drunk. College drinking games include beer pong, flip cup, and kings; just to name a few. According to Hundersmarck (2015), “binge drinking is defined as 4-5 drinks in the same setting or occasion. There is no single factor attributed to alcohol abuse on college campuses, but yet multiple environmental factors including school size, popularity of athletics and availability of alcohol” (Hundersmarck, 2015, p.41). Health implications associated with drinking games and binge drinking include alcohol poisoning, sexual assault, physical injuries from car accidents or physical altercations and unprotected sex.
Hundersmarck’s (2015) study found the following:
According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (2014) 1,825 students die from alcohol…

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