Essay on College Athletics Is Great For Many Reasons

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College athletics is great for many reasons. Not only does is it give young men and women the opportunity to play the sport they love, it markets colleges and universities very well. Some athlete’s ways of getting out of struggles back home is through their sport, and for most sports, before they step on a professional field, they have to play in college first. Although college athletics have many good aspects about it, there also negative features that highlight college athletics. In recent years, the payment of college athletes, and if it should happen or not, is a hot topic. College athletes are looking for compensation from his or her college or university, for the revenue him or her make for the school. I believe that college athletes should in fact be paid, but most importantly be unionized by the NCAA because for the NCAA to grow the next best thing is recognizing their athletes as employees. Every school is different by revenue stream in athletics, but once athletes are seen as employees by the school, the deliberations between the athletes and head school officials. Each year that goes by that the NCAA has yet to unionize college athletes, as well as find a way to compensate them, college athletics become more controversial. Currently in present day, the NCAA sees all of it athletes as “amateur athletes”, meaning they are not allowed to receive compensation for their sport. Even though that TV deals between NCAA conferences and television networks have never been…

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