College Athletes Should Be Paid Essay examples

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Since the birth of the NCAA, college athletes have been battling the fight of whether they should be able to receive a salary when they play a sport at the Division One level in college. Universities on average earn millions of dollars of revenue from these athletes, but the athletes that make this revenue possible do not earn any money. College athletes should be compensated for their skills and for the attention and revenue that they bring to their college during the years that the athlete plays for that specific college.
March Madness is the biggest way that the NCAA gains revenue each year. March Madness is the annual basketball tournament for men’s and women’s Division I, II, III basketball. For the 2012-2013 March Madness season had a rough estimate of total revenue of $797 million. 95 million of the 797 million dollars came directly from ticket sales in itself. The NCAA along with the colleges gain tremendous exposure, due to the millions that watch or read about the schools and the tournament. This causes the schools to generate money by people buying their gear, as they become a fan of that certain school. The biggest problem with this is that the athletes that make this tournament and money that is made possible to not receive any of that money (March Madness Should). The “Universities and the National Collegiate Athletic Association bake in billions from the exuberant fans and TV contracts, Branch wrote in an essay titled ‘The Shame of College Sports’-and its…

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