Collective Management Essay

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Criteria for Performance Excellence

The foundation for the


The Criteria for Performance Excellence

Table of Contents:

A Critical Look at the Criteria 3

Core Values and Concepts 4

The Criteria Framework 10

The Criteria 11

A Critical Look at the Criteria

Businesses are facing increasing marketplace challenges everyday. Businesses can assess their readiness to respond to those challenges by assessing themselves against these Criteria. Companies that embrace the Criteria for Performance Excellence and incorporate them into their business practices can expect to achieve more than their competitors. (See NIST study.)
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Core Values and Concepts

The Criteria for Performance Excellence are built upon a set of core values and concepts. These values and concepts are the foundation for integrating key business requirements within a results-orientated framework. These values and concepts are embedded behaviors found in high-performing companies.

These core values and concepts are:

Visionary Leadership

A company’s senior leaders need to set directions and create a customer focus, clear and visible values, and high expectations. The values, directions, and expectations should balance the needs of all stakeholders. The leaders need to ensure the creation of strategies, systems, and methods for achieving excellence, stimulating innovation and building knowledge and capabilities. The strategies and values should help guide all activities and decisions of the company. Senior leaders should inspire and motivate the entire workforce and encourage involvement, development and learning, innovation and creativity by all employees.

Through their ethical behavior and personal roles in planning, communications, coaching, developing future leaders, review of the company’s performance, and employee recognition, senior leaders serve as role models, reinforcing values and expectations and building leadership and initiative throughout the

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