Explain How The Vietnam War Changed American Society

“The other day, someone told me the difference between a democracy and a "people 's democracy" [communism]. It 's the same as the difference between a jacket and a straightjacket” (Ronald Reagan). Communism was a Social and Economic system in which all or nearly all resources and property were collectively owned by a classless society and not by any individual citizens. The Cold War emerged from World War II as the Soviet bloc confronted the Western states that united in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) in 1949. The Cold War with Russia was based on the fear of the spread of Communism which in turn created a culture of fear and persecution in the United States. At the end and after the Second World War, industrialized nations were understandably weary. The Cold War ended up being a period of extreme political tension between the USSR, (an …show more content…
As a result military engagements ensued between communist countries and the United States. Two insidious examples include the Korean and Vietnam wars. The repercussions of the Vietnam war are still felt today by many Americans and many of these Americans feel it was a horrible failure to the reputation of the United States and an ill considered war to stop the spread of communism in Vietnam. The Vietnam War changed American Society in many ways. The war resulted in protests, civil disobedience and out-right violent attacks. A dramatic shift and change of American feelings developed rapidly with extreme anti-war sentiment and an immense distrust of government and political leaders. The effects of the anti-communist Vietnam War are still today felt among many Americans who lost loved ones. Or whose loved ones came back injured physically, mentally and emotionally. This particular war itself resulted in the American public opinion being strongly opposed to any and all further military engagements to stop the spread of

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