Essay on Cold War Between Ussr And The United States

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Cold War in America
The Cold War unfolded in 1946, approximately a decade and half after the World War II. After the Second World War, the USSR and the United States emerged as the major powers across the globe. During the war, these two nations were tenuously related, and they disagreed on most of the postwar plans. Consequently, after the World War II, they mistrusted each other, and their relationship continued to deteriorate because of their differing ideologies. The escalation of differences between the USSR and the United States led to the start of the Cold War in 1946. This paper seeks to explore some of the causes of the Cold War and the events that took place during the Cold War in America.
Causes of the Cold War
Cold War was ignited by a myriad of factors, all of which derive their roots from the escalation of differing ideologies between the USSR and the United States. One source of conflict between these two nations was the lack of common ground for the future of Eastern Europe. The USSR endeavored to ensure a buffer zone composed of friendly countries across the Eastern Europe to protect itself from any attacks orchestrated by its foes in the West. On the other hand, United States wanted democracy to prevail in the Eastern Europe, with citizens having the right to participate in free and democratic elections (Mueller 172).
In addition, the tension between these two nations was also perpetuated by the lack of consensus on who should control…

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