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Jason and Ashley have been dating for 13 months, and living together for 12 months. Ashley’s Grandmother (Ann) is always telling her, “You don’t even know him, this is just a small taboo.” In circumstances like this, individuals tend to quickly subdue thoughts based on things around them. Webster’s definition of cohabitation is, “Living together as or as if a married couple.” Many good trends stem from cohabitation. Cohabitation develops many mixed interpretations of marriage. It also creates a trend in society that isn’t understood, but followed. Cohabitation creates a sense of marriage that deviates from social norms, but is often used to test the relationship status prior to marriage.
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Many individuals avoid looking at the long term effects of cohabitation. Many studies have produced information and opinions from individuals that chose this lifestyle. Emma Gray (Cohabitation Is Lasting Longer, Becoming More Common) states in an internet article, “Cohabitation is definitely a stepping stone for many on the way to marriage but not for everyone. Forty percent of first premarital cohabitations became marriages within three years. Thirty-two percent stayed cohabitation situations after three years, and 27 percent of cohabitating couples surveyed had broken up during that time.” Emma Gray explains this trend perfectly. Those that understand what it means to cohabit tend to get married. Those that allow the relationships to manifest without speaking on the subject, tend to break up. Even though there is no exact correlation between knowledge of the subject and marriage, we have enough evidence to suggest there is a trend. Many sources show that both sides are well defended by facts and statistics. Ashley and Jason might be more likely to marry just because they have had conversations about what they want out of the relationship. Building knowledge on a subject, and how it can affect you may be the best way to successfully cohabit. Since there has not been a successful way to cohabit, the outcome will change depending on the relationship. The support and evidence stated only …show more content…
Cohabitation generates different outcomes for both parents and children that are a part of this relationship. "It is not cohabitation that is causing worse child outcomes, but the social conditions within which cohabitation takes place that may matter for child outcomes," Reczek said. Reczek’s statement challenges the ideology behind those that cohabit. She doesn’t say cohabitation creates bad child outcomes, but she says the social conditions around the lifestyle does. "Bolstering the socioeconomic resources and residential stability of cohabiting unions is one way to ameliorate these potential negative effects, said Susan Brown, a professor of sociology at Bowling Green State University. Basically the trend reflects the fact that marriage is increasingly becoming optional in adult life now. In Grandma Ann’s day, marriage was common nature. Ashley and Jason ultimately have different views on marriage; their viewpoints totally contradict Grandma Ann’s. This point is most probable because it causes problems in sub-cultures that transfer into: family, main culture, and society. We often ignore the falseness of the faults we indulge in as

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