Cognitive Theories Of Cognitive Learning Theory Essay

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Cognitive learning theory clearly plays an important factor in learning theory. Without cognitive learning theory many discoveries about learning and the brain would have remained undiscovered and a mystery. Cognitive learning theory describes the reason our brain processed learning and thinking. Learning and thinking are the main concepts of social learning theory. As a result, the focus of the theory is mainly based on the brain since learning and thinking occur within the brain. Many theorists have studied the concept of cognitive learning theory. Two of the most influential theorists, Vygotsky and Piaget, have studied and researched the theory of cognitive learning theories. Cognitive learning theory has also been used to explain mental development. Mental development occurs within and out of the mind. These factors are related to the learning theory. Cognitive learning theory insinuates that by analyzing the mental process different concerns about learning can be explained. It also went on to say with positive cognitive process, learning is easier, faster and information can remain in the brain longer. However, negative positive cognitive process can affect learning for a lifetime. Information has to be stored in a particular way in order to continue the learning process. Cognitive constructivists claim that knowledge is constructed by learners. Any knowledgeable attempt made by a learner has been activated by the cognitive. Experiences shape the way learning occur.…

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