Cognitive Studies And The Way One Develops Is Truly Two Of The Most Important Components Of Education

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Neuroscience and Developments Much research has proven that neuroscience studies and the way one develops is truly two of the most important components of education. If one walked around campus, for instance, and asked many people what they believe the reason for education is and most would have to say that it is to get a higher education or go into the work place. The real purpose of early education is for children to learn about themselves, others, and both feelings, find about ones needs and values, and about different types of development that could be fundamental for the real world after schooling (LeCapitaine, 2001). Children spend most of their lives inside of a school building with educators who should be concerned with helping these students learn to prosper outside of the walls of the school. Even though educators play an important role on the fundamental development of all of their students, what happens to the children before they enter the schooling environment is also very important when it comes to the child’s development. The first influence a child receives is from their parents or guardian who they spend most of their time with. When it comes to emotional development, children first have their families influence that models their emotions to the child and when the child is exposed to a certain culture, they are taught how to display their emotions in a public setting (Morris, 2015). Each environment plays an important role on how a child will develop and…

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