Cognitive Skills And The Reasoning Ability Of The Children Interviewed

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There is a marked distinction in the cognitive skills and the reasoning ability of the children interviewed. The younger child which was 6 years old could not understand that the whole pizza whether cut in four or eight pieces was the same whole. He believed that the more pieces you have the bigger the pizza. He does not have the ability to think logically and perception is priority in preference to logic. Egged and Kauchak (2016) states, “perception dominates children;s thinking in this stage” (p. 50). In the second demonstration with that the bottle of clays, the child was instructed to lay one clay flat like a pancake, altering it 's shape. The young boy did not understand that no matter what shape or form the clay was placed in, it was still the same mass/amount. This proved that child lacked the understanding and “the ability to mentally record the process of moving from one state to another” (Eggen and Kauchak, 2016, p. 51), that transformation was conveyed. In the conservation of numbers, the young boy could not understand that the two lines contained the same number of pennies (coins). In his mind the six pennies at the bottom that spread over a wider space, appeared more than the six pennies that were placed closer together. He also lacked reversibility, which is “the ability to mentally trace the process of moving from an existing state back to a previous state” (Eggen and Kauchak, 2016, p. 51) for once the pennies were spread apart his perception was that they…

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