Essay on Cognitive Psychology : Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

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There are a wide array of therapies that therapists have found to be successful and have found to be useful for themselves when working with their own clients. As a therapist grows, they use different therapy methods and learn more about each one to find which one works best for them and the type of counseling they do, and the clients they work with on a daily basis. When learning whether a therapy model will work for the clients that a therapist will be working with, it is important to learn the history of that theory, the strengths and weaknesses, and the types of problems that this theory is the most useful in helping during sessions. Cognitive behavior therapy is one of these therapy models that will be discussed in greater detail.
Cognitive behavioral therapy is an integration of two therapies put into one. These two therapies were cognitive and behavioral therapy. Behavioral therapy was the first therapy to form and this therapy is based on promoting change in human behavior. Behavioral therapy started back with Pavlov’s work on conditioning. His famous work on behavior with conditioning dogs with their salivary reactions each time a bell was rang and a treat was given to them. This work later was formed into the conditioning and deconditioning of human behaviors. In the 1950s, behavior therapy emerged into the concentration of focusing on anxiety disorders and obsessive compulsive disorders. A doctor by the name of Wolpe used the desensitization technique by gradually…

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