Essay on Cognitive Development And Child 's Developmental Life

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Arnie Grape, from What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, is an eighteen year old boy who is developmentally delayed. According to the Center of Disease Control, a developmental disability is caused by impaired mental, physical, and/or learning capacity (Boyle et al. 2011). In a twelve year study, it was found that males had a higher prevalence of disabilities compared to females; low income was also associated with higher prevalence of disability (Boyle et al. 2011).
Developmental disabilities impact different stages of a child’s developmental life. To analyze Arnie’s cognitive delay, it is necessary to determine where he falls under the milestone. This paper will use Jean Piaget’s Cognitive Development theory to map out Arnie’s character.
Piaget describes different levels of cognitive development through a series of four stages. The first stage is sensory-motor, which includes birth and ends around two years old. In this stage, infants construct knowledge by linking experience (i.e., hearing and vision) with physical interaction (i.e., sucking, crawling, and grasping) (Huitt & Hummel, 2010). Imitation also occurs within the sensorimotor stage. Ganz et al. states imitation is essential to a child’s social development. According to their research, children with Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) are less likely to involve themselves in social settings because they are unable to observe peer interactions (Ganz et al., 2008). Arnie Grape demonstrates echolalia and imitation…

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