Gottschalk Theory

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According to Witkin and Gottschalk (1988) defined the criteria’s to evaluate the theories.
Criterion 1: “The theory should be explicitly critical” (Witkin& Gottschalk, 1988, pp.218)
Accrording to Witkin and Gottschalk, critical perspective help the theories to learn new information from the studies and it challenges with cultural and political assumptions. In addition, making critique is important to thing disadvantage groups (Witkin& Gottschalk, 1988).
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is represented and grounded in the behavioral and cognitive theories of human beings (Benjamin et. al, 2011). Around the 1960’s, psychodynamic perspective effectiveness was questioned, and it appeared to be lacking (Benjamin et. al, 2011). Behavior
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Cognitive Behavioral Therapists emphasize self-efficacy as well as motivation. Self-efficacy will help the client to motivate and be more optimistic about therapy ( Scheel, 2011). With CBT techniques, the therapist views the abilities of the client in order to promote their own self-sufficiency in changing (Gonzales-Prendez& Brisebois, 2012).Therapeutic relationship and collaboration are important in the CBT. The client’s strengths and empowerment are key points in the collaboration process (Gonzales-Prendez& Brisebois, 2012). According to Cully and Teten (2008), empathy, genuineness, and positive regard are essential bonds of therapeutic relationship. In the CBT intervention, the clients are given homework (Payne, 2014). Therefore, we are able to say that the CBT clients are active, based on the cognitive-behavior theories in social work practice. Cognitive-Behavioral therapists are not to ignore the clients, because they have concerns about the clients’ behaviors and …show more content…
Knowing theoretical approaches guide us to organize the treatment plans and write appropriate interventions plans for our clients in social work practice. When we reviewed the literature, eventually, CBT theoretical perspectives are effective to utilize to work with abused women who have mental health issues. In addition, even though Witkin and Gootschtalk criterions had been established in 1988, we can apply CBT perspective in these criteria, and we are able to say CBT is measurable and useful to use to work with individual, group and couples who have challenge with problematic behavior

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