Cognitive Behavioral Therapy ( Cbt ) Essay

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In the critical meta analysis Borkovec et al. (2002) perform, it is clearly indicated that in cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), that is an empirically backed method of treatment for GAD, often has many faults within the treatment style. Researchers make evident that often the control group comparison is comprised of those on a waiting list for treatment, that the effect size may not be significant enough, and also that individuals ' improvement still does not lie within the range on the functioning end of the scale, indicating statistical significance, yet not clinical significance. Even with our gold standard treatment method being administered to patients with GAD, at times the current standard is not enough to effectively treat clients. Similarly, Evans et al. (2008) came up with a related difficulty; that the standard CBT therapy that addresses GAD is still leaving clients with residual symptoms, symptoms that can possibly be addressed with biofeedback technology.
Multiple studies exist showing the effectiveness of HRV biofeedback as a treatment for anxiety. Using the Prinsloo et al. study from 2013, the many reasons why this treatment can be effective in a stand-alone way becomes apparent. Prinsloo et al. (2013) note there are many methods for stress and anxiety reduction and include everything from muscle relaxation to meditation while also looking at HRV biofeedback as another way to reduce anxiety (p. 392). Mentioned earlier, HRV biofeedback has the advantage of…

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