Essay on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy And Cognitive Therapy

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The theoretical model in which the treatment is based off of is Cognitive Behavioral therapy. The basis for Cognitive therapy and Cognitive Behavioral therapy is that Individuals tend to incorporate faulty thinking, which leads to emotional and behavioral disturbances (Corey, 2013). Cognitions are the major determinants of how we feel and act. Therapy is primarily oriented toward cognition and behavior, and it stresses the role of thinking, deciding, questions, doing, and re-deciding (Corey, 2013). Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is psychoeducational model, which emphasized therapy as a learning process, including acquiring and practicing new skills, learning new ways of thinking, and acquiring more effective ways of coping with problems (Corey, 2013). Although psychological problems may be rooted in childhood they are reinforced by present ways of thinking. A person’s belief system is the primary cause of disorders. Internal dialogue plays a central assumptions and misconceptions and on replacing these with effective beliefs (Corey, 2013).
Cognitive behavior therapy as a similar aspect to person-centered therapy as it focus on what the client is dealing with at the moment, it allows the client to explore how their beliefs are direct link to their emotions and also their behaviors (Corey, 2013). Though the therapist is very important to the process of change, it promotes the idea that clients are the major part of the change process and without the client physically being…

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