Coffee Is King At The Very Foundation Of Colombia Essay

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I selected to write about topic #1 "Coffee is King". At the very foundation of Colombia, there lies coffee. Coffee has been deeply ingrained within the history, economy, culture and social structure of Colombia; it 's no wonder that it is referred to as “king”. The objective of this essay, is to explore how coffee has had a direct impact on the development of Colombia, and how it continues to affect it today.
Colombia is located in South America. To the east, are its neighbors Brazil and Venezuela; Ecuador and Peru lie south. While to the west, there is the Pacific ocean and to the north lies Panama as well as the Caribbean Sea (Bowman, 2014). Colombia’s geography and topography are significant in its history, as well as to the production of coffee. Colombia has two distinct topographical areas, due to the Andes mountains that command the west and the river filled lowlands in the east (Bowman,2014).
Before coffee, Colombia’s economy was immature. Our text indicates two factors that contributed to this delayed economy. One being that Colombia had an unstable political climate, and another being the country’s difficult geography (Skidmore, 2014). Coffee production had a huge impact in both of these areas. Our text states that by 1880’s “coffee had become the country’s leading export (Skidmore, 191).” It was because of coffee that Colombia became a part of the international market. In 1906 coffee was responsible for 37% of Colombia’s export earnings, only to climb all the…

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