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Cody Hudson Professor Michelle Grady Communications Cluster 21 March 2013 Brave New World: Technology and the End of Jobs “Brave New World” is a phrase said many times by people, since Aldous Huxley wrote the novel Brave New World in 1932, every time a greater technology, for anything, comes about; not necessarily referring to Huxley’s book, but more referring to the fact that modern technology is becoming so great that it will/or has downsized companies by replacing the human element. Sure

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In a recent article published in Small Business Monthly Jeremy Nulik “Transforming culture is not for the faint of heart, when you do not conduct business as usual, it is not always going to make people happy.” (Nulik). Unfortunately with this time period advances with technology have hurt productivity in many office environments; the internet, and ease of access, can take the blame for that. Nulik makes a good point of (if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it because fixing it might be hurting a business more than helping) but this isn’t always true for every work environment. When one reads a list of jobs, like the ones mentioned above, it is easy to say “Oh sure, I can see how those jobs don’t/shouldn’t exist anymore.” and then go about your day not thinking anything else of it. What people don’t realize though is that that job was someone’s career, lively hood, sole source of income which shouldn’t be dismissed so nonchalantly, but maybe, this hypothetical person, should have thought about whether or not that could happen to them. Some jobs are different than others, and yes some should be replaced with better ones that would help the majority of people/or environment--coal mining being one of those careers. There are a lot of miners in our country who’s many family members depend on that income, but does that mean that job should still exist if we have a better alternative fuel solution than coal for the
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