Codependency: Addiction and Broad Term Essay

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Codependency is defined as; of or pertaining to a relationship in which one person is physically or psychologically addicted, as to alcohol or gambling, and the other person is psychologically dependent on the first in an unhealthy way. Codependency is a very broad term that can encompass a vast range of feelings and emotions but is always more focused on someone else. For instance, if someone goes to eat with a group of people but does not actively help in the decision making of where to eat, they are fine with where everyone else wants to go. They show a meek personally and would rather someone else make all the decisions. A codependent person can be overzealous in trying to help someone. They believe they are helping but in …show more content…
When thinking about the moral-legal perspective I do not think that drugs should be legalized but I think a lot of the reason is that it would be hard for the government to tax it. Alcohol and cigarette smoking are the two most deadly addictions and they are legal and taxed. I think that a lot of the drugs that are being abused are licit drugs. They try to keep people from getting these licit drugs by using punishment. If people want the drugs they are going to find a way to get them. People do a lot of irresponsible things while they are under the influence of drugs and alcohol. I think regardless of how many drugs you have taken of how many alcoholic beverages you have drank you should still be responsible for every action you make. If you kill someone in a car crash while under the influence of drugs or alcohol you should very much be punished for being so irresponsible. When I think about the medical-health perspective I think about alcoholism and drug addiction in the sense of it being a disease. I do think that these things can be handed down to you through genetics but you have the decision to act on this disease or to overcome it. It is ultimately a choice that you have to make. No one can make you drink alcohol or make you smoke marijuana you choose these things for yourself. Peer pressure can be a very hard thing to overcome and most teens can’t seem to fight the urge to fit in. I have went to

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