Code of Ethics Assignment Essay

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1. Understand the role of codes of ethics and discuss its function as a social tool in ensuring ethical behaviors are in place (use the registration of engineers act 1967 as a guide line).

To be a professional there are a certain set of rules that you have to comply to this rules. Engineering societies in this case have adopted a set of rules knows as the code of ethics. Basically, a code of ethics provides a framework for ethical judgment for a professional. [1] Framework meaning there is no absolute solution on weather an action is ethical or unethical. No code can be totally comprehensive, covering every possible ethical situation that a professional engineer is likely to encounter. Instead, the code of ethics is
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The code of ethics lets others know that a profession is seriously concerned about ethical behavior. This ensure the credibility of the engineers that adhere by this code and increases the trust of the public on engineers that are admitted into professional bodies.

2. Look closely at two codes of ethics: the code of the BEM and the NSPE. Even though these codes have some common contents, ANALYSE any structures of the codes that are different.

The Board of Engineer’s Malaysia (BEM) and the National Society of Professional Engineers (NSPE) are examples of two professional bodies that engineers can join. The main idea of these bodies is to ensure that the standard of professional behavior is adhered to. They are expected to maintain the highest standard of honesty and integrity. However, the codes differ from one to another, although not by very much. Generally the main idea of each code of ethics is the same, which is providing a framework for professionals in making ethical decisions or choices.

The BEM code is based on Malaysian law while the NSPE code is based on American law; this is one of the main differences between these two codes. Besides that, the BEM code is also more detailed in terms of the registration of members to its society as can be seen below.

The BEM code has a dedicated section just for the codes involving the registration of engineers. This section covers the proper

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