Code Blank : My Personal Ethical Code Essay

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As I have come to recently realize, it is not easy to determine or express your personal ethical code. Yes, there are easy ones like being honest, kind, and doing your best not to hurt someone; however, pin-pointing your exact code is harder than you would think. On one hand, I go by code blank, but if A, B, or C happens, code blank goes out the door. In order to determine my ethical code, I carefully evaluated my character, beliefs, experiences, and past behavior.
First, I thought long and hard about my character. I have been told that I am optimistic, genuine, assiduous, empathetic, and approachable. Without doubt, I have some negative characteristics; however, I choose to not mention those. Hopefully, you will understand why as you read on. Secondly, I believe with an open mind and an open heart. I understand that not everyone feels the same way I do, and those differences should be taken into consideration when making a decision or taking action. I would not lie, steal, cheat, or in any way harm another person; yet, I would not hesitate to do any of those to care for or protect my family. Third, many experiences and influences in my life helped shaped my character and beliefs; however, my mother was my greatest influence. She not only taught me right from wrong, but if I wanted kindness shown to me, I must first be kind. Finally, my past behavior shows evidence of my ethical code. I always ask myself “Would I want someone to do this to or for me?” If the answer was ever…

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