Essay about Cocaine 's Influence On America During The 1980s

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While researching cocaine 's influence on America during the 1980s, I found DEA files, newspaper articles, police reports from Miami, surveys on students about narcotics, and statistics relating to incarceration rates due to cocaine. Most of the sources mentioned the importation of cocaine from Colombia, Colombian traffickers dominated the market. The early 80s was the rise of cocaine and the Medellín Cartel; the mid to late 80s was the decline of the cocaine empire. Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria and other drug lords created the Medellín Cartel, they would create “The Extraditables” which took violent measures to try to force the government to accept legislation that would protect them from extradition. The drug lords of the Medellin cartel used murder, intimidation, and assassination to keep journalists, public officials, law enforcement officers, and judges from speaking out against them. By 1985, Colombia had the highest murder rate in the world, up to 1,698 people were murdered, and the year after up to 3,500 people were murdered. During the period 1980 through 1985, “in 1982 there was a seizure of $100 million worth of cocaine from a Miami International Airport hangar which altered U.S. law enforcement’s approach towards the drug trade. By then the Colombian cocaine lords had already amassed the vast wealth necessary to sustain and protect their drug empire. By 1985, South Florida cocaine seizures had shattered DEA records. 50,000 pounds worth more than $9 billion…

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