Essay about Coca Col A Cultural Shift

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Topic Overview Coca-Cola is facing the challenge to change its brand to not only gain more sales, the company is also for the first time in its history trying to retain the current consumers. A nutritional campaign forth ran by America’s first lady Michelle Obama has caused the company to re-evaluate its brand and possibly force re-launching of what the company’s mission and vision actually stands for.
Situation Analysis Coca-Cola is facing a cultural shift. In a world when healthy living is the new lifestyle and the new way to go Coke products are not leaving shelves as fast. Today, Coca-Cola is the largest beverage company and more than seventy-six percent of the company’s profits come from beverages. The company is faced with evaluating its brand and market as a whole.
Marketing terms that relate to the current marketing environment The marketing terms that may be helpful for this situation happening with Coca-Cola would be marketing mix, customer lifetime value, political, and market. In order for Coca-Cola to get back on top it is imperative that there is a restructuring in the company marketing mix. The company must look at the four P’s and ensure that it is attacking every facet of the marketing mix. The company will need to look at how has the demographic changed for the product. Coca-Cola must know who they are marketing to and has the community that was once severed become obsolete. Know whether or not the look needs to change or maybe the company has moved to…

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