Cn Business Audit Essay

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Canadian National Railways

July 22, 2013

University of Calgary

Business Management “Mind Your Business”

Executive Summary

This report assesses CN’s quality as an employer and as an investment prospect. Mind Your Business used both primary and secondary research using publically available sources, with no contact with CN, its employees, or financial analysts, to complete this analysis.

CN is a public company with 22,000 employees, and has the longest railway system in North America. Industry circles consider CN an increasingly profitable business.

The Canadian Transportation Safety Board ensures CN abides by all laws and regulations. CN continually improves safety and environmental impact,
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CN’s financial indicators such as revenue, net income, stock price, cash flow, and earnings per share all look great. CN Carries a lot of debt, but minimizes the amount of interest they pay. Future prospects look good as well, with external factors such as fuel costs and truck driver shortages making rail a better option, particularly in the face of company’s wanting to reduce their carbon footprint.

Overall, Mind Your Business finds that CN is excellent as both an investment and as a great place to work, particularly for new grads.

Table of Contents

Introduction 4 Company Overview 4 Government Impact 5 Social Trend 6 Ethics and Social Responsibility 7 Technology 8 Marketing 9 Stakeholders 10 Economics 12 Recommendations & Conclusion 13 Bibliography & Appendices 14


Through comprehensive analysis, the purpose and objective of this report is to provide a solid foundation of information and metrics to ultimately conclude whether or not Canadian National Railway (CN) is a good employer, and to give a recommendation as to whether or not CN is a worthwhile investment.

Mind Your Business conducted extensive research using both primary and secondary resources, publically available

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