Essay on Cmit 495 Implementation Plan

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World-Wide Trading Company: Project Implementation Plan Group 3 Kristine Bird (AD Forest Domain OU, Groups and GPO Implementation) Ryan Bonisch (Contact list and LAN Implementation Tasks) Anthony Campo (Configuration of Routers, Switches, and VLANs) Gerald Casanada (Voice VLAN, Wireless, DHCP and DNS) Jennifer Coleman (AD Implementation and Tasks lists for AD Policies) Billie Jo Derouin (Security Implementation) Raymond Mack (Security Technology and Timeline) University of Maryland University College CMIT 495 Professor Sam Musa February 28, 2016

Table of Contents Introduction 2 Purpose 3 Implementation Requirements 3 Project Contact List 3 Tool List 3 Equipment Installation Plan 5
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| Install Communications Cabling | 7. | Power-on and Validate Systems | 8. | Complete Testing Phase | 9. | Document and Record |
Table 3 Step 1. Utilize Proper Electrostatic Discharge Preventative Measures When technicians are inside of the communications rooms and working on communications equipment they must adhere to the following procedures. * Utilize ESD wrist straps when working on equipment that cannot properly discharge their potential energy through a ground connection. * Technicians will attempt to equalize their potential with the equipment prior to handling. * Technicians will remove power to any device that they will be working on prior to using an ESD wrist strap. * Technicians will verify that all capacitors have discharged prior to touching the interior of any device. Step 2. Validate Area is Prepared for Installation Each area (conference room/communications room) will be prepared for installation prior to the installation and configuration team arriving. This can include: * The equipment that will be installed in a room must be inside of or very near the room prior to the installation and configuration teams’ arrival. * All installation rooms must be clean and free of obstructions. Step 3. Install Server Rack Requirements This step of the implementation plan involves installing all of the server rack requirements. Server rack requirements are as follows: *

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