Closing The Wealth Gap Analysis

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Within society people are placed within categories, of which is consider “appropriate” for who/ what they are. Society then uses the categories as a prototype, to then create labels onto individuals which changes how one see’s the world and how other’s perceive each other. In today’s world these categories are race, class, and gender. There are times when individuals can be placed in multiple categories then can have both advantages and disadvantages. Race, being the most common category that overlaps societal problems. Race is considered to be a group people who share the same distinct physical characteristics. Sociologists have argued that race is a social contracture and that it is not a biological concept, meaning race doesn’t have …show more content…
Skin color has l kept the people from being able to build a better community. Which is also a problem that we are currently facing. It’s a everlasting cycle. Within the reading “Closing the Wealth Gap”, by Meghan Kuebler; it has explained that the wealth gap shows little potential of all being equal. It shared that whites are likely to accumulate wealth overtime and have the ability to share assets with the coming generations of their family. Where as minorities are less likely to have that ability to accumulate and keep wealth. One aspect of wealth Kuebler researched upon was the homeownership; it has shown that blacks were less likely to own homes within the year of 1910. Due to having lower levels of education, lower salaries, the GI bill of rights which excluded out blacks, and not being able to move out of urban neighbor hoods. It has also been shared that when minorities move into neighborhoods the housing value deprecate, which result of the inability for Blacks to own a home. While resulting at the same issue of 2010, showing only 44% of Blacks home within this time period. This goes to show how privileges weren’t appointed to minorities then, which lead to the issues we have now. For those who weren’t able to accumulate wealth, didn’t retain real assets of net worth, but simply income. Which leads to the division of

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