Clinical Psychology : Psychology And Psychology Essay

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Clinical Psychology
The science of studying people through observation, experiment, and investigation of behaviors in different situation ( is called clinical psychology, which is the most practice subfield in psychology. Clinical psychology is a subfield in psychology that its goal is to change the behavior to its normal form by focusing on mental, behavioral, and emotional disorders. Therefore, not only clinical psychologists treat the disorders, but also prevent them from happening ( As clinical psychology has many sub-specialties, psychologists can specialize in different aspects of the science, which result in working in different work settings. Clinical psychologists work in academic settings as teachers and researchers, they also can work at the hospitals and healthcare centers, in addition to have private practices (
The education path for clinical psychologists is long and the person who works in the sub-discipline should have a doctorate in the field ( Therefore, clinical psychologists have Ph.D. or Psy.D. After the students take their doctoral courses, they have to do one to two years of internship under the supervision of a professional, which makes them eligible to receive their doctoral degree ( Although the number of internship hours vary based on the states, it is usually around 1200 hours of supervised internship, which allows the graduates to gain experience, and prepares them to take their EPPP exam (…

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