Essay on Clinical Psychology : Psychology And Psychology

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First let us define the terminology Clinical Psychology, which refers to the employment of psychological principles to the understanding, prevention, treatment and assessment of the interaction between the emotional, physical and psyche, and the social world with an intention of promoting the well-being and health both physically and psychologically (Vallis & Howes, 1996). Clinical psychology dates back many years ago to the time of the ancient Greeks and it continuously adds immense value to the psychology field to the present. The psychological field has evolutionary grown over the years through the employment of statistics and research, mental dysfunction treatment, intervention and prevention (Plante, 2011). According to Roger & Stone (2016), clinical psychology was shaped by the wide history of clinical psychology emphasis and focus, which differentiates it from other disciplines of psychology that might overlap its functions and roles. Looking further into the evolving nature and vast history of the field of psychology sheds more light on the reasons clinical psychology is rapidly growing and how statistics and research have increased its effectiveness when treating and evaluating persons that require psychological treatment.
Clinical Psychology History and Evolving Nature
Mental illness is the source and path that led to the development of the field of psychology both as a philosophy and science discipline. Greek philosophers are considered to…

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