Freshwater Resources And Climate Change

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The world are current facing different kinds of issues, and the most well-known one is the climate change. It endangers the essential elements for all livings, freshwater resources. This essay uses online research method to gather information and aim to provide more details about freshwater resources and climate change to ensure reader to have a better understanding on both of them, but most importantly, to analyze how climate change has impacted on the freshwater resources, why is it a serious problem, and how this problem impacts on human health, along with some recommendations on how to solve this problem.
Freshwater Resources
Numerous resources in this world are going into scarcity due to overexploitation. Additionally, overexploitation
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Among climate change, global warming is the most well-known issue, and its impact on the freshwater resources is critical. To begin with the water cycle, it is different than the past due to the warming temperature. In the past, the water cycle is balancing the evaporation and the precipitation. However, now, the warming temperature increases the evaporation rate, which means that there will be more evaporation from both the land and sea. Moreover, the warming temperature also increase the ability of the cloud to hold more water vapor, and end up leads to the increasing intensity of rainstorm and flooding, which may merge the pollutants into lakes of rivers and pollute the freshwater resources. The heavy rain can also damage the water system and merge the freshwater with polluted water. The best example would be the heavy rain back in 2004 that damaged the city water system in the Asheville. Additionally, due to the increase of evaporation rate and the ability of the cloud to hold more water vapor, it may cause a decrease in freshwater resources. Furthermore, the increasing temperature cause some of the species to grow uncontrollably and kill other species, which destroys the biological chain and causes a number of species to extinct, and end up leads to the pollution of the freshwater resources. For example, climate change provides an extremely comfortable environment for harmful algae to grow since the climate change higher the carbon dioxide level, affects the rainfall pattern to cause more nutrition to runoff into water bodies and feed more algae, rises the sea level and creates more shadow for algae, and upwells the coastal, which causes algae to grow rapidly and uncontrollably, and end up causes a pollution in freshwater resources (EPA, 2014.)What is even worse

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