Climate Impact On Freshwater Resources And Climate Change

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The world are current facing different kinds of issues, and the most well-known one is the climate change. It endangers the essential elements for all livings, freshwater resources. This essay uses online research method to gather information and aim to provide more details about freshwater resources and climate change to ensure reader to have a better understanding on both of them, but most importantly, to analyze how climate change has impacted on the freshwater resources, why is it a serious problem, and how this problem impacts on human health, along with some recommendations on how to solve this problem.
Freshwater Resources
Numerous resources in this world are going into scarcity due to overexploitation. Additionally, overexploitation
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As discussed above, the warming temperature decreases the water supply. On the other hand, it increases the water demand, because as the temperature increases, human needs more water to survive, but unfortunately, water supply is going down. As a result, numerous people are getting sick due to the lack of freshwater. Moreover, since the climate change affects the rainfall, a heavy precipitation events are inputting a huge amount of pollutants into water stream and pollute the freshwater resources. These polluted freshwater resources can spread diseases, cause people to get sick, increase the possibility of getting different types of cancer, and cause dysfunction of brain and body (EPA, 2014. …show more content…
According to EPA, the government are doing assessment for ground water and surface water, trying to prevent solid and pollutants from entering the stream. However, this project covers widely, so it will take a long time to finish the project (EPA, 2016). Additionally, there are some water companies trying to prevent the water to turn saline, but they are overwhelmed and end up failed (EPA, 2015). Therefore, based on the current situation, here are some recommendations. Since the climate change is the major issue, and it is unlikely to prevent, to slow it down will be the only option available. In order to slow it down, people have to take responsibility and try their best to reduce the uses of energy (Ex. Drive less) and prevent pollution (Ex. Don 't randomly throw the trash on street.) Then, it is necessary to protect the systems of the freshwater resources since the climate change is inevitable. It is impossible for water companies to work it out alone, group work is necessary. For example, the government can begin a project on building some special detection on these freshwater systems such as rivers and lakes to make sure the status of the water and prevent pollutants from entering it. After it, open the data to public online, make sure everyone can monitor it, and make sure they can send a report if they find a change in the water resources. It equals to 24 hours monitoring since people

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