Response To 'Global Warming' By Richard Lindzen

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Climate Change Response Essay

Heatwaves. Wildfires. Hurricanes. Destruction. Anything come to mind upon hearing these words? They all have to do with the global, yet controversial, issue of climate change. The effects of climate change and global warming can be seen around the world in weather patterns, animal and plant habitats, and in the daily lives of the people living on this earth. This topic is furthermore discussed in an article written by Richard S. Lindzen, called “Global warming: The science in three nut shells.” He discusses and dissects three different perspectives on climate change and attempts to state his views, claims, and opinions on each one. His first claim about the lack of attention and evidence about what embodies the danger of how CO2 in the atmosphere can dangerously heat the earth (6) hardly seems accurate because of the lack of substance he put behind his argument. His views and evidence on his second claim of how there are many more reasons the climate changes other than CO2 (7), are far more agreeable. But, however, like the first claim, his third one, which only seems to state how the third narrative is very different from the first and second, lacks substance and therefore is hard to relate to and
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His first claim was in response to the first narrative about how the main cause of climate change is basically due to the burning of fossil fuels and the releasing of CO2 (6). His response really only consisted of him pointing out that there is “little attention” and “little evidence” on offer about how CO2 is the main cause of climate change (6). Even though this claim could be agreeable, the fact that he did not provide evidence and much of an argument for it, and he doesn’t state why he believes that CO2 isn’t the main cause for climate change, hardly makes it

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