Climate Change Dualism

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The purpose of this essay is to analyze monistic and dualistic views of climate change. Climate change has been the for front of environmental news and debate within the millennia. The biggest argument for the cause of climate change has been that it is primarily influenced by human activity. Public debates on this topic has been divided into individuals that humans are the cause of climate change, and those that believe the climate of the earth is constantly fluxing. There is an overwhelming number of scientist that believe human activity within the last century has risen the amount of CO2 within the atmosphere, contributing to the development of climate change. I believe that the current operation of ideas function dualistically when assess …show more content…
Though there is a public opinion on the matter of climate change it is mainly driven by scientists and politicians which can influence the development of laws and social action. Dualistically looking at these positions can help us find a way to link them together and reduce the conflict that is associated with them. It requires balancing the pros and cons of dualism and monism, and assessing when which view is most beneficial within a given situation. Realistically there will be times where monism is a better way to think or things, and vice versa with dualism. The goal is to be able to identify situations that requires human interventions and what situation require us to step back and let the ecosystem function as it always has. This systemization of monism may contradict the aspects in which contains, but what I am implementing is that we should be able to switch between the dualism and monism dualistically, because if we limit ourselves to only one way of thinking we lose our understanding of the other which may be a better alternative within a given situation. An example of this would be if we ourselves monastically within the world as being no better nor any less than nature we can observe what processes are occurring by including ourselves in the process of environmental maintenance. Once we have a full understand of the an ecological process we can find a way to incorporate ourselves within its prosperity, but this can only happen if we understand that our actions upon that given ecosystem can have a negative side effect in which we did not anticipate. On the other hand we could see that the given action is beneficial to the environment, and what we need to understand is that our actions, natural or not, have an influence on what is around us. The spectrum of our existence is a matter of where we are at within the plane of when we should be

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