Climate Change And The Future Of Global Warming

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Over the past few years global warming has been a major topic and a serious concern for a lot of people. Global warming is really important because it’s a factor in the climate in the world and that can alter a lot of things for the world and people. It been a major discussion over the past few years in the politic areas. Global warming is the unusually rapid increase in earth’s average surface temperature over the past century primarily due to the greenhouse gases released as people burn fossils. The greenhouse gases allow sunlight to pass through the atmosphere and reach the earth’s surface. Climate change is a cause by both natural and anthropogenic. Climate change has always been something that happens in the world but it seems as if …show more content…
If we find ways to lower emissions of heat, trap gases that will mean lesser warming and serious impact. Emissions can be reduced through making energy efficiency better and changing to low-carbon or non-carbon energy sources. Mitigation refers to actions that reduce human contribution to planetary greenhouse effects. The effort of mitigation is to provide cleaner fuel burning techniques and reduce deforestation. The technology for clean coal would one strategy. It is the method that removes pollutants from coal. Carbon dioxide from burning coal is the main focus of today’s attention. Because it is concerned in global warming and the Kyoto protocol requires that emissions decline notwithstanding increasing energy demand. The ability to burn coal and not contribute to the level of global carbon dioxide is a very vital technology challenge. The greatest challenge is bringing the cost down adequately for clean coal to contest with power companies that operate on basically zero emissions. Due do the cost that taxpayers would have to take on, policies suggestions are substantial. There was supposed to be a power plant by The Kemper County in 2015. The plan is supposed to introduce to the world how burning coal without ejecting climate-warming carbon pollution in the air. The cost of construction has full to $6.5 billon three times the original approximation. They were expecting to have the project up and running June of this year but that date was changed to September. The deadline was pushed for 2 years. Controlling deforestation on a high level is another mitigation strategy. It’s actually evolving in countries and it’s the largest source of emissions for the forestry sector. It has been a high level since 1990. There are a lot of international policy initiatives support countries efforts in reducing deforestation. The impact on tropical deforestation slowing

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