Climate Change And The Environment Essay

1197 Words Oct 17th, 2014 null Page
The latest change in the Earth’s atmosphere is a significant one; scientists call it “global climate change”, less accurately known as “global warming”. The scientific definition of global climate change is the increase in the Earth 's average surface temperature due to greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide emissions from burning fossil fuels or from deforestation, which traps heat that would otherwise escape from the Earth ( There are two reasonable explanations for global climate change, either the human species’ or the environment. The first explanation is that the human species’ are the ones to blame for global climate change because of the amount of carbon dioxide they deposit into the atmosphere. Too much carbon dioxide is not beneficial to the environment because it holds in heat and causes problems with the climate. The scientific evidence proves that the answers to these three questions; how is it the humans fault, how are we changing the atmosphere, and what can we do to slow it down; points to it being the human species fault. The first of these points is the human species are causing climate change by putting an overabundance of carbon into the atmosphere and deforestation. One of the ways that human’s put an overabundance of carbon into the air is by driving cars that deposit greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, leading to a larger buildup of carbon in the atmosphere than is safe for life. When humans pump gasoline into the vehicle, the gasoline…

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