Will Tuvalu Disappear Beneath The Sea

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Climate Change
In the modern world, humans have made great developments and these advanced development’s contribution in our lives is considerable. On the other hand, the anthropogenic activities by the means of using these advanced technologies has a great effect on the atmosphere of the world. The human activities are the major cause of climate change in the world, which is destroying this planet and causing natural disasters.
According to Leslie Allen in the article “Will Tuvalu Disappear Beneath the Sea?”. People pf Tuvalu are leaving the island because of the rising sea level and frequent hurricanes and storms. The major reason of the rising sea level and natural disasters is the climate changing. The climate of the earth is rapidly changing
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These changes are threats for the entire planet but residents of islands are in great threat because of the rising sea level. Pointing out this fact, “Prime Minister SaufatuSapo’aga told the United Nations last year that the global warming threat in no different from” a slow and insidious from of terrorism against us” (Allen). It does mean that the human anthropogenic activities are not less than the terrorism because these activities are the major cause of destruction that takes thousands lives every year.
Allen highlighted the impact of the human activities on the climate and stated that the fossil-fuel burning is at peak in history, and it is one of the major reasons of the climate change. She also claimed that this Burning of fossil fuels is greatly increased, and it is the major threat for the people of Tuvalu. She climbs, " Tuvalu 's problem is one that people worldwide are believed to create by burning fossil fuels that release carbon dioxide into the atmosphere contributing to global warming" (Allen). It shows that the burning of the fossil fuels is the major reason of global

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