Climate Change And The Environment Essay

1338 Words Oct 22nd, 2015 6 Pages
When was the last time people talked about the environment? Since the beginning of time, many people have not expressed much interest in the environment and how sustainable it actually is. The current attitudes about climate change, environmentalism, and sustainability is that many people are not informed or ignore what is truly going on in our environment. In other cultures, the government does not keep this information from the people and sets laws to help make the environment sustainable. I believe we need to pay more attention to climate change and start to believe what we are being told by scientists and do something to help reverse the consequences we have unleashed.
We need to find sustainable resources and start using them if we are going to fight climate change. I have not discussed the issue of climate change with other people as most people are unaware of what is going on. Most people I have tried to discuss climate change with do not care. I have noticed that many people are not interested or do not know much about what is currently going on in our environment. I feel that if we are going to do anything to lessen climate change would be to inform and make people become interested in saving our environment if not for themselves for their future generations. The local sustainable practice that is close would be the farmer’s market where I get fresh produce and other foods. I am not participating in any local sustainable practices because I do not have sufficient…

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