Climate Change And Its Effects On Human Activity Essay

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Within the twenty-first century, the discussion of Climate Change is a relatively controversial topic. Scientists, politicians, and environmentalists have been debating the causes and effects of the changing climate patterns for decades. And while there has been scientific evidence that proves the existence of this very real problem, some still seem to see it as a myth or untrue. But in fact, the problem is very real. Climate change can account for many of the world’s problems. Habitat loss, animal extinction, rising temperatures, and problems within our societies are just some of the known problems resulting from the earth’s changing climate. And the worrying thing is, there 's not much we can do to stop it.. Climate change is a scary reality that we all face, one that threatens not only the environment but the general public as well.
Research has shown that Climate Change is a direct result to human activity. It causes this by making changes directly to the earth’s atmosphere, affecting the amounts of greenhouse gases, aerosols, and cloudiness that are in the air. This combined with human’s destruction of ecosystems allows for a driving rise in harmful gases and a descent in helpful gases.One of the biggest contributions to climate change is from the burning of fossil fuels. Fossil fuels release carbon dioxide gas into the atmosphere, which is harmful to the earth. But that isn’t the only harmful gases, greenhouse and aerosols affect the earth 's climate by…

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