Climate Change And Global Warming Essay

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Modern Climate Change and Global Warming Affect on Society The Earth is 4.6 Billion years old, and over this course of time, there have been great changes in Earth’s geology that we as humans have never been able to witness due to our short life span on the geologic time scale. It is not until the past couple of decades where we are seeing geologic changes in our lifetime due to human made climate change. Fossil fuels such as gas and coal are used as sources of energy, but they have increased the C02 in our atmosphere, which leads to global warming. Due to the planet’s warming, there have already been environmental changes such as rising sea levels and changes in weather patterns. Climate change can impact humans’ food, water, state of living, health, and so much more. Climate change will inevitably affect the way society lives if there are not any significant changes in regulating the way we treat our environment. Due to the changes in climate, earth’s water is being impacted greatly. Over the past couple of decades the water supply has been declining. Water supply declining can affect irrigation, drinking water, and power generation. Since the warming of the Earth, there has been a decrease in size of the snow pack in the western United States. This reduction in snow has decreased the water supply some …show more content…
These factors increase sea level, which could make a huge impact on society in the near future. If sea levels continue to rise, by 2100 there will be a sea level rise of 2.5-6.5 feet. This is enough to flood coastal cities, leaving people in danger. Homes and businesses will be destroyed, leaving people in bad financial situations ("How Will Climate Change Affect the World and Society?"). Flooding will also intensify the water quality. There will be more water volume in sewers and treatment plants, making it harder to clean. Also this water will be salt water, ruining fresh water

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