Climate Change : A Human Cause Essay

1038 Words Nov 17th, 2014 null Page
Climate Change, a human cause “Climate change will displace millions…negatively impact yields of crops…increase of ill health in [people]… and cause conflict over resources.” (“Official prophecy of…”) Climate change is a predicted event, by scientists, that is happening right now and causing the Earth’s temperature to change drastically. The quote mentions only very few of the problems that will come with it, but where did climate change come from. We naturally look for others to blame for the change, yet we are our own problem. During the past millions of years, the Earth has never had any organism affect it so greatly until the appearance of humans. Being the dominant species, we’ve come to use the Earth’s natural resources, carelessly and are now facing a world wide dilemma only we can fix. The issue of climate change is projected by many scientists to be a natural cycle the Earth goes through but many others believe that this is caused by humans and our changes to the environment by the increase of population (supply and demand), carbon in the atmosphere and the decrease of photosynthesis due to deforestation. The main source of climate change is the increase of carbon in the atmosphere. It is in the form of carbon dioxide and is very good at trapping heat. Yet other greenhouse gases have similar properties, carbon dioxide gets the most attention due to its major impact, compared to other gases (“Why does CO2…?”). The other gases, like methane and water vapour, do…

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