Cleopatra Beauty

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Another stance often taken on this issue is that Cleopatra was plain in appearance until she opened her mouth and exhibited her charm, wit, and vast knowledge across many topics. Under this viewpoint, Cleopatra’s beauty did not lead to her success, but rather she achieved it through other means. A primary source, Plutarch, describes when Cleopatra first met Mark Antony. On her journey she took money, gifts, other objects of great wealth, as well as her most valuable trait: her charm. Plutarch states that her beauty was not so remarkable or outstanding, but rather her presence and state of being was attractive and irresistible. In addition, her conversation, the topics she discussed, and all that she did was captivating to the people she interacted …show more content…
She was renowned for her intellect, and this is what led to her power and success as ruler of Egypt. Regardless of whether she really was incredibly beautiful or more average, Cleopatra still convinced two of the most powerful men at the time to be her lovers. She could have achieved this through sheer seduction and opportunistic use of her beauty, or she could have simply used her intellect to endear herself to the men who mattered. As Tyledesley states, Cleopatra was above all an astute politician who attempted to resist the growing Roman Kingdom by means of forming an alliance with Mark Antony. On the whole, Cleopatra’s marriage to Mark Antony was a way for her to protect Egypt for a little while longer. She could have done this with or without extraordinary beauty, but she was definitely a perceptive and shrewd political leader. Another example of this is the documented fact that when she suspected another woman of coming to compete with her for Antony’s affection, she altered her body and behavior to ensure the alliance would remain intact. Cleopatra fought to have complete control over her husband and remain in her position of authority. She knew Antony could not disappoint the Egyptians because of the fact that they formed a large portion of his naval force. She allegedly pretended to be completely in love with her husband, lost body weight by dieting, would appear delighted when Antony came to her, and despondent when he left her. She did this when Antony was about to leave Egypt for political matters, and had supporters who helped her cause. Many viewed Antony as being callous and unsympathetic in light of the fact that, while his previous wife had married him for public policy, Cleopatra was completely devoted to him, and he was expected to reciprocate the affection. She claimed she would not survive if

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