Caesar's Contribution Of Caesar To The Roman Republic

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When Julius Caesar came to power he pardoned and promoted two men who served in Pompeys army cassias and Brutus. The two men were left in charge of two major territories, Cassius was given Syria and Brutus was left in charge of Macedonia. Brutus and Cassius returned the favor by assassinating the very man who pardoned them. Julius Caesar’s assassination was a devastating blow to the roman republic, the republic was left with no one to run its government. Marcus Antonius who was one of Caesars closest friends, and Gaius Julius Caesar Octavius who was Caesars adopted son both decided to take advantage of the situation and gain power in the senate.

Anthony spoke at Caesars funeral, he read off Caesar will, the will stated that Caesar left
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The second triumvirate was a coalition between Anthony Octavius and Lepidus. These three leaders divided the western providences, and planned to divide the east after they had defeated Brutus and Cassis. The tree rulers had absolute power of Rome, neither the senate or citizens of Rome had a say in the government. The rulers outlawed hundreds of senators and killed many romans, among which was Cicero. After they rid Rome of their enemies, Octavius and Anthony marched their armies to Macedonia where they met the armies of Brutus and Cassius. Both leaders had vast armies but ultimately Cassiu’s army fell to Anthony and Cassius committed suicide. This left Brutus to fight both armies alone, Inevitably Brutus’s army fell to forces led by Octavius and Anthony, and he too committed suicide. Anthony and Octavius now ruled both the western and eastern providences. The two leaders decided to split the territories, Octavius controlled the west while Anthony controlled the east.The two rulers had two different views on how to run the government, Octavius was loved by the people and was very successful in the west , he destroyed the forces of Sextus Pompeius and he also defeated Lepidus. Anthony on the other hand was not as successful in the east, he married Octavius’s sister Octavia. Anthony’s popularity declined drastically when he gained feelings for Cleopatra who was an Egyptian. Anthony split his providences with Cleopatra, this made the roman people furious they would not stand to see an Egyptian rule over them. The romans demanded that they go to war, Octavius declared war on Cleopatra. Anthony understood that Octavius was really after Anthony so joined forces with Cleopatra and divorced Octavia. The war took place in Actium and was fought between two

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