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Clean-Tech Performance and Career Management Plan
Jmettea P. McFadden
Les Colegrove
August 30, 2010

Clean-Tech Performance and Career Management Plan

Clean-Tech is committed to establishing itself as an industry leader in the cleaning and sanitation industry. In order to accomplish this objective, Clean-Tech must ensure its employees are meeting their highest level of performance. By setting up formal and effective performance and career management plan, Clean-Tech helps employees understand their job responsibilities and expectations of the company in terms of job performance. Performance appraisals are very important to the continued development of our sales team and to the mission of our company. “In
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During the bi-annual performance review, the manager and employee will set new goals and adjust performance standards based on the development of the employee. If the employee has failed to meet his/her performance standards from the review, the manager and employee must decide on a suitable course of action to include any of the following based on the performance standard not met; formal classroom training, shadowing, or coaching. If after retraining, an employee continues to fail to meet his/her performance standards, employee will be subject to termination. The appraisal form will be kept in the employee’s permanent file and will be considered a factor in the determination of employee bonuses and promotions.
Promotions, Educational Opportunities Clean-Tech is committed to helping employees reach their highest level of performance. To increase employee performance, employees recognized as they meet or exceed performance standards as indicated in their quarterly performance reviews. In partnership with various community organizations, Clean-Tech will award employees with privilege parking for employees of the month, free local event tickets, t-shirts, food coupons, and gift certificates as part of its incentive awards program as they exceed monthly sales goals. Increases in yearly pay and bonuses will be based

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