Essay Classrooms : Big And Small Class Size

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Classrooms Both Big and Small

Class size is a factor in education that is often greatly overlooked. A larger class size effects the students, teachers, and professors in that class, affecting the focus of the students, the personal connection to the teacher, and the confidence of the students. A smaller class size creates a more personal atmosphere, while the cause, a larger class size, has many effects on the education of a student. That student won’t feel as much of a connection to the teacher, and will have more distractions, and feel like they are not important. Multiple opinions are raised about this issue, one of the opinions being that a larger or smaller class size has no effect on the student. The National Education Policy Center states about people who believe this: “These critics are mistaken. Class size matters. Research supports the common-sense notion that children learn more and teachers are more effective in smaller classes.” (Schanzenbach). This statement furthermore proves that a larger class size results in many more unfortunate happenings. While many factors in a large class hurt the students, some are more infuriating than others, like the unnecessary distractions present. In a smaller class, students there are less opportunities for distractions. With more students, distractions are present. Being more loquacious since there are more people to talk to, some students talk nonstop. Students can be having a conversation, and the teacher could be…

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