Classroom Management Reflection : Classroom Essay

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Classroom Management Reflection
Classroom management is a very important concept in a classroom. In my future classroom, there will be many different strategies I use. The first thing I want to do with my classroom is to establish the classroom rules immediately. “Establishing rules on the first day of class, and always follow through on the specified rewards for achievement and consequences for misbehavior” (Kline, 2015). At the beginning of the year, when the rules are shown, the students will sign the rules like a contract. By signing they are agreeing to obey the rules throughout the year. Along with this I will always make sure I use positive language and feedback. This way the students will feel motivated and willing to try and give answers without a fear of being wrong. Another thing that is need to be done is constantly encouraging your class. “Be serious about getting work done, but add some humor and fun to the class each day. Let the students know you except them to succeed and that they can do it” (Zauber, 2015). When I am a teacher I am going to want to have a relationship with my students. By having a relationship with students, they will more likely be willing to talk to me, interact with myself and their peers, and do their work to the best of their ability. There are many ways I can do this. The first way is to just observe the students. By doing this I can see how they act, and what they like. Another way I can do is; “greet the students at the door, talk…

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