Essay On Slavery In The Civil War

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The Civil War: Slavery The Civil War started in Sumter, South Carolina in 1861 and it ended in 1865. This is one the most remembered wars in history along with the famous world wars. Not only did Confederacy and ratification play a huge part in the war but the main thing is slavery. Not many people took the time to elaborate on how exactly the slaves felt during this time. How the were treated. How they were mistreated and how they coped until they were able to be set free. Slavery is a huge factor surrounding the Civil War. Let 's take a look at a few facts surrounding the Civil War ,slaves, and a Abolitionist during this time and see how they felt and coped with the war during this time. The Civil War was a very bloody war that resulted in violations of doctrines; land of warfare.The doctrines arisen from europe in the wake of the Napoleonic war. At the end of the civil war more than 33,000 black troops had died. 35 percent of the blacks that died served into combat. The war split the United States into two parts called: the North and the South. The north is known for its somewhat better ways and the south is known for its ‘nasty’ ways. The south always had a bad name because that 's where the slaves were. The North in fact had slavery but it wasn 't as bad as the South. Most people would simply look and say they supported slavery or that they did not. The South had many slaves mostly all the southern states was slave states, where the north had many free states shockingly.Many people from the north …show more content…
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