Civil War Dbq

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The United States of America changed forever on April 12, 1861, which was the beginning of the 4 year long, Civil War. This war changed numerous things in the nation, because just as it was a time for development, creativity, and inventions, it was also a time of great death and suffering. Over the course of the Civil War over five thousand patents were given to individual inventors. Just a few inventions that debuted during this time were, the railroad, hot air balloons, submarines, the telegraph system and so many more. During this time, greenbacks were created as currency as a means to cover the civil war expenses. The Civil War also sparked the industrial revolution with the influx of new labor needed during this time. Also, the government …show more content…
Before the war their were multiple different types of currency used, Abraham Lincoln officially mandated the greenbacks as a way to stop all of the other forms of money being used. At this time America needed money more than ever to fund all of their war efforts. Congress then voted to add money to war efforts. To make the Civil War possible, millions of greenbacks were printed off by the United States treasury. As a result of the necessary things needed during the Civil War, the industrial revolution boomed in the north. Mass production of these items led to mass economic growth. The need to mass produce and transport flourished, leading to greater and greater advances in transportation and communication. Lincoln during his presidency and the war tried to remain neutral in the topic of whether we should keep slavery or abolish it, but did what he could to stop it from spreading. In 1862, Lincoln made up his mind on the issue, as he issued the emancipation proclamation. He stated that if the confederate wished to continue fighting, then all slaves should be freed. This proclamation either excited americans or lit a fire that could not be extinguished in people, it is very prevalent still today the people whose ancestors were southern or northern. After issuing this, the war, more than anything, became about freedom. In the war for freedom over 200,000 black Americans joined the fight on the side of the union. The federal government became extremely powerful during the war, taking away much of the power individual states

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