Civil Law And Criminal Law Essay

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Much criticism lately has been given towards Islamic Law, otherwise known as “Sharia Law.” The criticism stems from the harsh penalties for acts that in many other legal systems around the world, like common law, would not be crimes. Sharia is especially harsh on women, people of other faiths, and homosexuals.

Substantive Common, Civil and Criminal Law
Most developed countries have some sort of Common Law, which governs criminal law, and civil law. Many counties ' legal systems are based upon Common Law, including the United States. It encompasses contract law, tort law, wills, real property, and criminal law. It is the rules that govern rights and obligations of individuals and collective bodies. In contrast, Procedural law govern the process for these rights.

Substantive Civil Law deals with non-criminal matters. It is the type of law used when there are damages, usually financial injury. The goal of these types of cases is restitution, whereas in criminal law the goal is punishment in the form of fines, community service, jail time, and even prison and death.

Substantive Criminal Law defines what acts are criminal, and exactly what elements the government must prove in order to find that the defendant has committed a criminal act. (Substantive Law, 2015)

Common Law is characterized by its secular laws, and secular punishments. Islamic Legal Tradition is not secular, rather based on the religion of Islam. That is how Common Law differs from the types…

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