Cipd Certificate in Learning and Development Practice Fundation Level

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Activity 1 ( report of approximately 1500 words ) A). Briefly explore the overview of the Map and its 3 main components – 1. i.e. the 10 Professional Areas, 2. 4 Bands 3. And 8 Behaviours

B). Access the “full map’ for the Professional Area “learning and talent Development” and consider the activities, knowledge and behaviours for either Band 1 or band 2

C.) Rapport based on research from activates 1.B 1. Summarise, in a few sentences, the HRP Map including the 2 key professional areas ( “Strategy, Insight & Solutions” and “ Learning and Managing” )

2. Comments on the activate Activity 2 Activity two ( report of approximately 1500 words )

A). With reference to you own (or other
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Prepares data and argument thoroughly before engaging in conversation.

Fully understands own position, argument and supporting facts and how they may occur to others.

Works inclusively to engage a wider audience and support base for an idea.

Identifies the key points to communicate on any interaction, selecting the right channel for the message and audience.

B. Contra-indicators
 Does not prepare adequately for meetings or interactions
 Tends to use a single tried and trusted strategy for all eventualities.
 Takes events at face value.
 Fails to understand or appreciate impact on others, does not consider situation from • others viewpoint.
 Fails to appreciate need to engage the support of stakeholders.
 Takes a manipulative approach, using influence in a negative way.

3.) Collaborative

A. Works effectively and inclusively with colleagues, clients, stakeholders, customers, teams and individuals both within and outside of the organisation.

Band 1

Shows sensitivity and respect for others’ feelings, cultures and beliefs, showing respect for diversity.

Makes a positive contribution to the team, supporting colleagues in their day-to-day work.

Establishes constructive and collaborative relationships with immediate colleagues.

Passes on information promptly, keeping colleagues up to date.

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