Cipd 4dep Activity 2 Essay

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Activity 2

How an HR Practitioner ensures the services they provide are timely and effective.

Understanding Customer Needs for 3 different customers of HR

Employees – Require information on employment contracts

Managers – Require staff who can fulfill their job role efficiently and meet performance targets.

Applicants – Require a clear induction policy and training plan taking their individual needs into account.

Prioritising Conflicting Needs

The needs of customers may sometimes be conflicting (for example, managers want production results and longer working hours whereas employees want more time off and focus on work/life balance).
HR would ascertain which demands were the most urgent and important, taking
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* Always follow correct organizational procedure. Customers will be less likely to dispute actions taken in line with guidance/ law. * Ask questions, listen carefully, show an interest in the individual, use non-threatening body language and maintain eye contact. Keep level head and do not respond to their negative emotions or abuse. * Never make promises!

Handling and Resolving Complaints

HR will handle complaints on a formal or informal basis. Each situation must be dealt with promptly as it arises and be handled in a fair and consistent manner.
Regular interventions or an open door policy can encourage employees to talk about problems before they escalate.
HR should clearly communicate the policy for raising a grievance (eg informal complaints, written complaints, how complaints may be escalated and estimated timescales). Explain that the organisation values it’s customers and wishes to resolve any problems that may arise. Ensure customers feel assured that their issues will be taken seriously and dealt with confidentially and encourage customers to feedback any issues before they intensify.

Methods of Communication

Effective communication between all stakeholders is vital to ensure all interested parties are informed and involved in the decision making process.
The method of communication used depends on the

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