Cinematographic Elements In The Matrix: Movie Review: The Matrix

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"The Matrix" is one of the most commonly known blockbuster films released in the year 1999. Viewers commonly identify it by its fascinating video effects as well as the unreal (yet real in the movie) acts performed in its scenes. The idea which I aim to explore in this essay dwells on the usage of cinematographic elements, the theme of fate and the stylistic use of literary elements within the film as well as in the scene where Neo meets Morpheus.

The movie is well known for the advanced cinematographic effects and for a person who understands film, the effects which are used in the film bring about a scientific as well as imaginary concept which make the film fall under the genre of science fiction. Although most films are fiction, sci-fi films are quite intriguing because of the technologically complex and advanced use of unusual props and setting. In a world where technology advances rapidly, the movie certainly appeals to the socially accepted idea of technological advancement. Props such as the old television set (which may represent the media) where
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Neo is shown as an ordinary young man whose life seems ordinary and full of mistakes at first. His boss tells him that he seems to be one who crosses paths with the law and from this statement, one may think that the boss already knew that Neo is one of the protagonists together with Morpheus, who are against the matrix. After meeting with the oracle, Neo’s perception shifts towards thinking beyond scientifically theorised laws and believing that he is the one chosen to destroy the matrix. When the oracle told Neo that either him or Morpheus will die and yet when he walks out of the oracle house’s door he will forget everything he heard, Neo was not necessarily going to forget but begin to free his mind as Morpheus has told him. Fate was before Neo but forgetting it by being unattached from the system which he was part of would introduce a different

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