Christopher Hitchens 's When The King Saved God Essay

1240 Words Oct 12th, 2016 5 Pages
Religion is a sensitive matter that not all people can associate with, especially when its authenticity is put into question. Ironically one of the most influential atheists, Christopher Hitchens, speaks out in favor of the King James translation of the Bible in his article,“When the King Saved God”. Hitchens’ personal attachment to the King James’ language, however, is not reflected in his article. Hitchens’ rhetoric and opinions in “When the King Saved God” express a culture of dogmatism. Hitchens advocates and lays down his ideas of religion and language in a way that is not persuasive; he does not account for the feelings or opinions of others. Hitchens does not utilize a broad spectrum of historical information to back up his argument either. Although Hitchens’ first paragraph of what people might not have said is enlightening, the rest of his his article is scornfully redundant, ambiguous, hasty, and ultimately unpersuasive.
Hitchens use of historical information does not suffice to persuade his readers. Hitchens began his essay by opening with two examples of what people did not say. This introductory paragraph led me to believe that Hitchens’ article would be solely about language rather than religion. This sparked a interest in me until I continued to read and realized there was no smooth transition to the rest of the article. Hitchens simply does not take into account the reader’s knowledge and interest level of religion and the ambiguous nature of rhetoric.…

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